Friday, March 31, 2017

Announcing launch of KPIT SPARKLE 2018 Theme!!!

Dear Students,

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of KPIT Sparkle 2018, the 4th edition of Annual Innovation contest for All India Science and Engineering Students. 

The recently concluded KPIT Sparkle 2017 received overwhelming response from10,000+ students from 300+ colleges across the nation. 

We are happy that “Smart Cities,â€� the theme for KPIT Sparkle 2017 generated a lot of excitement among the student community and we received 1500+ ideas. The KPIT Sparkle team would like to thank all of you for your enthusiastic participation and innovative thinking. 

The 2018 edition of KPIT Sparkle comes up with even more exciting theme which would allow you to explore new technology trends in the field of energy and transportation. It emphasizes on Next Generation Energy & Transportation Solutions with special focus on: 

1. Artificial Intelligence 
2. Cyber Security & 
3. New Materials 

Artificial Intelligence has been an area which has thrilled many a technology enthusiasts for decades. With the recent advent of machine learning resources like TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, etc. opened up by leaders like Google, Stanford University and high-end computing platforms like GPUs, FPGAs has given a big boost to the AI technologies to be used for development of Autonomous Vehicles, the future of automobiles. This is undoubtedly the most sought after area of innovation in present times. 

With Software and Connected Vehicles (V2V, V2I) influencing futuristic transportation solutions, secure behavior of the vehicles and safety of passengers for vulnerability against cyber-attacks is demanding a lot of attention from technologists and thus is a huge opportunity for innovation. 

Lastly, Nano technologies are driving the advent of new and advanced materials, especially for energy storage devices like batteries, solar panels, etc., which is an important area of research, to develop next generation energy efficient transportation solutions. 

These three distinct areas of research are transforming the energy and transportation sector and we would like to invite bright minds like you to innovate and present your ideas in these areas through an innovation platform like KPIT Sparkle. 

To acknowledge your affinity towards KPIT Sparkle and your participation in previous editions of this event, we would like to give you a head start in your preparation for KPIT Sparkle 2018

Please consider this as official communication for the event in 2018. You can register as usual once the event is formally launched in May 2017. Till then, put on your thinking hat and come up with some innovative ideas. 

We wish you the very best for your preparations. 

You can reach us at for any clarifications. 

Warm Regards,
Team KPIT Sparkle


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